Partner With Us

We are looking for partners who offer top-notch tech resources, articles, and ideas for hard-working teachers, whose business model is student-centered, differentiated, and who are risk-takers. Is that you?

If it is, we invite you to partner with one of the loudest voices in the tech ed community. Structured Learning not only sells tech ed books/eBooks, we run online classes, review tech ed websites/apps/books, mentor teachers on technology integration and write tech ed columns for prominent names in our field. More importantly, we are always there to answer teacher questions about how to deliver technology to students.

We’d love to have you for a partner.

Structured Learning was started by a group of tech teachers passionate about sharing technology with the world. The result is an unusually loyal customer base who look to us for information, education, and materials. To that end, we provide not only books and ebooks to integrate tech into classroom units, but reviews of materials that will help educators teach better with technology. This includes:

  • reviews
  • columns
  • ads
  • product placement
  • training
  • mentoring

We want to share products and materials with our customers that fit their needs. Nothing else.

If you have that product, here’s what we can do:

  • include it in our tech ed resources
  • arrange for you to syndicate our Ask a Tech Teacher columns
  • write articles for your corporate newsletters and/or school sites
  • arrange product placement in our textbooks
  • write tech-ed oriented product overviews that can be included in your marketing materials

What we won’t do: Sell our customer list. Don’t even ask. The only way to reach our customers is when we determine your products meet their needs. Yes–it’s a bit subjective, but we cherish our relationship with the people who trust us.

For more information, contact (with pedagogy or tech ed questions) or (for sales and marketing).